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A afternoon delight
by Pyrill Synsmar
Wed, 24 May 2000, at 12:37 p.m. CST

Pyrill rode through tha heavy doors that opened into Empath abbey, smirking to himself as he thought on how the Ranger's dared to hold him on the days past. "How tha table's 'ave turned 'e thought as 'e remembered Aeeyia's face as 'e threw 'er against tha wall in Lord Ryan's 'ome." He kept moving going farthed into the abbey as he reached for his bank key.

"Ye! Tha Murderer from the Market! Stop right there!" He turned swiftly behind him to find Tsaglai of the Shadow Rangers standing behind him. "Enough of dis Runnin" he though. "Wha tha 'ell ya want boy!" "Come with me or you'll taste my bow's kiss right now!" Tsaglai's yelled. "Bah! Yer lads tryed ta 'old me yesterday! But now we's got Aeeyia!" Tsaglai's face drained of color. "Where is She!"

"Enuff of dis!" Pyrill yelled attacking with his warfork. A fierce battle ensued leading out of the abbey and into the vinefields outside. Luck was with Pyrill and after a draining battle in which Tsaglai showed his skill with both the bow and the sword, Pyrill was victorious. "Power to tha Guard!" Pyrill yelled as Selayna Silverleaf watched on in horror. Pyrill then reached down drawing his kryss and severed the head of poor Tsaglai the Shadow Ranger. "Power is Miine!" He yelled startling the monks inside the abbey.

He started back to the bank thinking "What a wonderful way to start tha afternuun!"



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