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Into the Crypts
by Sol Sunblade
Sun, 11 Jun 2000, at 5:51 p.m. CST

Sol ran lightly through the forest towards the Crypts. He was distrated with other affairs on his mind, and considering the mission at hand. Dodging a deer, and a grizzly, he saw the looming walls in the distance. Hardly a creature noticed his passage as he drew ever closer to one of the abominations surrounding Yew. *If only the gods could remove this horrible fortress of evil...things would be much easier on us*, he thought. As he ran around a tree, many thoughts were going through his mind....What to do if he encountered Drow in the hallways, How to record what he learned....How to communicate the results back to the elders, etc, and as he finally saw the massive doors through the bushes, was suprised to see 4 drow standing talking! Unfortunately in his distracted state, he forgot he was supposed to walk in the shadows into the fortress, and the Drow were upon him!

After a short time playing cat and mouse with the drow, he managed to evade them and found a vantage pont to observe. He watched as they danced here and there casting firefeilds in all directions, and turning over every rock. One of the drow suddenly lunged in Sols direction and was revealed...

Next thing- bolts, fire and steel were flung in Sols direction as he tried to flee...without success. Conciousness faded and the last thing he saw, was the evilly-twisted, yet somehow beautiful face of Vlondril Mlezzyn, mocking him......



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