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Late one evening
by Brutus
Mon, 1 Jan 2001, at 11:24 p.m. CST

Brutus had been to the abbey had deposited the leathers he had taken from an angry gator and was setting off back into the woods upon his trusty steed shadow, heading back to his home in shadowmoor. He trotted along the path he knew very well without a care in the world. Suddenlty his sences lit up. Brutus had felt this presence only twice before. Once at a place called Kents back in Felucia the phantom had rode into the bar seeking something surly evil. Brutus and his friends were drunk at the time and hardly noticed its pressence. But the young elf girl Arilyn had seen it and had been instantly over come with fear. The phantom appeared only breifly and had rode away again as quickly as it had come. Lyn had chased after it but never did find it. The second time Brutus had seen the phantom was in     a place known as the krypts. He had gone there along with his good friend and elder ranger Nathan who was leading a party of rangers to the krypts to find a lost comrade. The phantom had appeared to the group there and was joined by many servernts of darkness it seemed at the time that the phantom had some sort of deal with the Magic Empire of Darkness. The rangers had left the area knowing they were not safe and since that night had never treaded in that place with the same confidence they had that day. Today was Brutus's third meeting with the phantom only this time he was alone....

He knew instatnly that something was out of place. The tempature had grown suddenly cold and the winds were moving in a very unnatural way. Brutus heard no steps and it was actually just dumb luck that he thought to look behind himself. He was shocked to see it walking toward him carrying the same black halberd he had awalys weilded. It spoke in the same deep beyond the grave voice that it awalys had. Brutus gulped knowing his day had just taken a very bad turn for the worst. He could feel the evil coming off of the abomonation as if it were the wind itself. "Your home has become a place of intrest for Atration Ranger Youd best see to its defences in the days to come" and with those words it was gone just as soon as it had appeared. Brutus looked around the tree line for any sign of danger. He sat for many moments waiting but nothing came. Finally he exhaled and began riding on again. He picked up his pace and galloped back to shadowmoor to warn his friends of the coming troubles.



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