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Left for dead
by Aeeyia
Thu, 25 May 2000, at 9:15 p.m. CST

Aeeyia slowly began to waken. As she awoke, In the corner she saw the shadow of her captive. "Soon ye will no longer be trouble to me ranger, I shall offer ye to the drows in hope of an alliance" Ryan spoke calmly. As soon as Aeeyia noticed what he had said, she was shocked from the thought of herself in drow hands. Before she could even see Ryan move, He had ran to Aeeyia slamming her head against the wall.......blackness....................

Aeeyia felt a pain in her right side as she awoke. She opened her eyes and saw a new surrounding..right as she noticed the many drow which seemed to be meeting for something around her. She felt a sudden burst of heat.....once again,..blackness...

Now Aeeyia wakes surounded by heat, she opens her eyes. The drows stare down at her, all of them moving their lips as if praying.. One of the drow women came toward her with a sword....blackness....................

Aeeyia wakes to see everything gone. She crawls with what little strength she has left, to lights in the south.
She reached the town after some time of tedious crawling. Right as she passes the tamers....blackness...............

While past out a large Minoc guard patrolling the city saw Aeeyia sprawled across the road. He carried her to a small house nearby and laid her on the bed. "Lass?","Lass, ye there?".
Still partly concious Aeeyia mutters,"No....yew........Okami HELP!".
"Yew eh?" the man repeats Okami's name for his memory. Letting Aeeyia rest the mans walks to find a young gypsy messenger.
"Lad, this is o' grave importance, Travel to yew, and find this lad Okami."
"Have the lad come this house here in yew, ahn tell em theirs ah young lady mutterin his name."
"Oh, aye sir... I shall be receiving more o' that metal from barracks then eh?, ah'll be on my way then.."

The young gypsy boy starts his journey to yew....



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