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A Market, battles and a lute
by Arwin
Sun, 21 May 2000, at 5:27 p.m. CST

Arwin walked with a steady pace. He, Crokneru and Nathan had been walking from Yew to Britain to get to the Britain Market that day. It was already past 3, and the Market had started. The journey had proven to be without any difficulties. Only a few Giant spiders, and a lone orc here and there dared to try and stop them. The sight of three Rangers probably scared them off.

In the pass of Britain he had found a bottle of liquor; a sign it was going to be a good day. Slightly tipsy he, and his friends saw the first of the Market. Few times before had he ever seen so many people. Maybe the Britain West Bank still had more people, but there were still many, many people.

The three all took seperate ways. Arwin, mainly drawn towards the ale managed to find a Blacksmith for repairs and he had a little conversation with Perigon, who was selling some thinggs. Perigon told him that Lore, Uriel's son, had a strange instrument. One that didn't make music, but made the sounds of a forest. After a little search, he found Lore and he demonstrated it to Arwin. He knew immediately he had to get one as well.
Lore informed him that it was Lucetta, an Elven Page of the Paladins who got him the lute. After some more searching, he and Eylana, who joined him in his search, found the lady. She told him she may have another instrument somewhere.

Nathan called him over. Apparantly Tatiana, the Gypsy was at the Market. The Gypsy became quite known after the prophecies about the poisoned food. Arwin, however, knew little of these matters and wondered wether the Gypsy also did fortune tellings. She seemed rather busy with other matters, though.

It wasn't long before Okami came to Arwin saying a lady was killed. He found two men stabbing the lady, and he carried the body to the road. They called Dove, and she attempted to heal him. In the meanwhile, Okami had spotted the murderer and they all ran after him.

After much chasing of both men, they finally captured one and asked him questions. He escaped, though. We found him entering a hut, where a few other men were inside.

The Rangers quickly followed, and once inside things went crazy. Within a second, all men had drawn their weapons. Within two seconds fighting had begun. Roughly five men in black armor and the Rangers were engaged in combat. Although nobody probably knew why he was fighting, the battle was bloody and long. In the end, most of the men in black lay dead, on the ground. The murderers had escaped.

Still confused as to who these men were, Arwin walked back to the hut Dove was healing the lady in. The lady now seemed alright. Apparantly another man had helped her. The Paladins wished to speak about what happened, and offered their help. It didn't take long before Nathan led us inside another hut, where we were told these men were the Empirial Guard. Nathan also told us he met a man who claimed that this Empirial Guard was working together with the Wahju Orcs, and some "Ebl" to try and take over Yew. After a bit of discussion it was decided that there we no proof whatsoever to back that up.

Lucetta of the Paladins had found another magical instrument, and gave it to Arwin. Now he too, could make sounds of the Forests with his instrument.

At the end of the day, a Drow came up to him. This Drow wanted to join, apparantly. Arwin didn't trust him, though. All Drow are evil. After Arwin repeated that often enough, in different sentences, the Drow left.

A good day. He had been able to get his armor and weapons repaired. He had been able to taste some fine elven wine. He had a magical lute, and the lady was alright. What else could he want?



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