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Murder at the market
by Okami
Sun, 21 May 2000, at 5:03 p.m. CST

For any of those who had any confusion as to all the bloodshed that occurred at the market, please allow me to explain.
I was walking up to the forges hoping t' find a smith, when I saw two men stabbing at this girl in bronze armor. I heard one call the other Senzie, or Suzie, something close t' that anyway. Well I checked the body, and sure enough, the lass was dead. I didna want her t' just get left lying there, so I picked her up and carried her t' Arwin and Nathan. They had the idea of fetching Dove, hoping she could help the lass. Well Dove suggested moving her inside one of the huts, and when we did, the Senzie guy snuck in. Me being the only one that recognized him, me, Arwin, and Nathan chased him off, but he managed to escape. When I came back, the other guy had done managed to sneak in the hut, and was watching from the corner. So once again I chased after the guy, and once again, I lost him in the crowd. Well I finally came up with a plan and hid near the door t' the hut. Sure enough this second guy just changed clothes and was gonna walk right back in. I leapt from my hiding point and grabbed him. We then carried him inside, and the girl.. Ok I'm a bit fuzzy here. The girl was dead, but she wa talking somehow, and not OOoo like a ghost either. Well anyway, the girl described her attackers, and one fit the bill of the guy we had caught. Well when he realized his little disguise was ruined, he knocked his way by Arwin and darted back outside. I once again decided to stay outside and watch a bit. I saw him go up to one of those dark armored fellas thats been hanging around Yew and they let him in the hut they was using. I think it was that Empirial Guard, I saw one of 'em trying to recruit people earlier in the market.
Well I got Arwin, Nathan, and a few other rangers and we stormed that hut. Well I was on the tail end of that charge, (slipped in the mud) and next thing I know a bunch of people came pouring out. Well I kinda lost track of everyone, but those dark knight fellas wound up getting routed pretty good.
By the time everything was said and done, the lass, (who was named Jenny), was all better, cause some Elmdor guy had helped her. She mentioned a Ullian guy, but I really have no clue what she was talking about. Thats what happened from my point of view, I'm sure theres some out there that know more. *smiles*



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