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Okami's POV
by Okami
Wed, 14 Jun 2000, at 7:15 a.m. CST

It had been a long day... Okami quietly strolled into the bank, and threw some things in his bank box, while wiping blood off his sword. He still remembered the talk he had with Nathan. Why the hell was he so confused on this? The drow didn't care who he was, they just saw the green cape and went for the kill. He looked at his feet, silently. Before he could become too lost in his thoughts, he felt a familiar poke to his side, and he spun aroud smiling. "ello sweety." Okami quickly kissed Aeeyia once on the forehead, but then a shadow caught his eye. He looked past Aeeyia and saw a drow girl sneaking around the abbey. He sighed and quickly felt for his sword, making sure it was there. Aeeyia then proceeded to drag him out of the abbey, something about boat rides and wyvern hunting, but his mind wasnt on the conversation. He kept his eyes on the drows trail, quietly keeping note of her position. "Just waiting for one of us to get alone.." He thought. He heard Aeeyia make a giggle of delight and turned to see her chasing and petting a great hart around the abbey yard. She seemed fairly happy, given all that had happened recently... The hart started to run from her and he saw her pout a bit. "Its wild hon, it thinks yer gonna hurt it." "Ah know." They both watched as the hind hid near the abbey wall and settled down for a nap. Okami quickly realized that the hart would be killed fairly quick in this public place. "Someone will kill it if we don't get it out of here." Aeeyia nodded in agreement, and gently tugged at the deer's neck, forcing it to follow her into the woods. The hart was resistant, but was following. Okami smiled as he watched, feeling good to be doing something fairly peaceful for a change. He then heard a twig snap, and remembered the drow girl. He spun and saw her level her crossbow in the direction of the hart and Aeeyia. Before he could say anything, the drow had fired, and he watched as the bolt flew over the harts back and right by Aeeyia's head. Without thought, he rushed the drow with his sword drawn. He could see the crimson begin to fog his vision, it was becoming all too common. The only thing he was concerned with was disposing of the threat. The chase quickly wound up at the abbey, where a third bearded man got involved. The drow quickly hid, and the man turned to Okami and Aeeyia. "I'm assuming she did do something." Okami nodded. "She shot at Aeeyia." He then turned and saw Aeeyia shake her head. "She shot at the hart." Okami quickly sighed. All this over a damn deer. And the drow was obviously a lousy shot. Okami shrugged, thinking. Well she still only did it to antagonize us, theres plenty of game to hunt, she just wanted to anger us. Feeling rejustified, he watched as the bearded man threw a small purple vial to the ground near the winery. There was an explosion, and the wounded drow quickly leapt from the shadows right into Okami's path. Okami swung once, burying his sword deep inot the drow, and watched in amazement as she limped away. But before she could get any further, he heard the twang of Aeeyia's crossbow, and an arrow struck the drow and she crumpled. Okami quickly circled the abbey grounds, searching for the reinforcements/revenge party that was sure to arrive. After realizing there was none, he returned to the drow, who was lying in a bloody heap on the ground. Memories quickly overwhelmed him, of when he found Aeeyia in Minoc in as bad a shape. He saw the drow girl gasping for air, and no one else was around to help. Okami slowly pulled out a vial of healing juice, and tossed it to the ground near her. It's more than they'd do for me he muttered as he walked off in search of Aeeyia.



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