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The preparation for Okami
by Kunori
Sun, 28 May 2000, at 12:53 a.m. CST

'Ere I am, standing in tha Shadows. Basking in me favorite time o day, Dusk. The Time inbetween. The Time when Dark battles o'er Light and wins. 'Ats when tha most powerful o' spell regents 're collected. Ahhhh, speakin' o' spell regents, 'ere comes mine now.
I watch as tha wandering healer comes closer and closer. I can 'ear me voice, almost inaudible, as if it came from someone else, "An Ex Por". The look o' surprise on his face is priceless as he realizes that he can't move. Then I hear meself, again just barely audible "Cor Por". He falls to tha ground moaning loadly. 'ats when I step out o' tha shadows, just fer the sole purpose o' letting him see tha face o' Deaths Messanger. Tha look o' horror on his face as he 'ears me uttering "Cor Por" is like food fer me soul. He tries ta put up a feeble attempt at defending himself, but he knows its over as he hears me next mumble "Kal Vas Flam". I gauged tha effectiveness just right as tha spell took him just to tha edge of death and not o'er. After all, a dead corpse give nae useful regs, but a live one gives tha most powerful if removed just right.

I open a gate back to my home and carry the limp body through. I lay him upon the altar, 'at has seen many, many others since it's building, and secure his hands and feet tightly. HAHAHAAA, we don't won't him to awaken and spoil tha process now do we?

I proceed to tha table next to tha alter and open tha finely crafted box there. I reach in and reverently lift out tha dagger in it, tha dagger given to me by tha Dark One himself. As I turn back to tha alter I see that his eyes are startin to open.

"Ahhh, tis good that ye are awake. T'wil be more enjoyable ta see ye suffer." He starts ta whine and plea with me ta spare his life. "please sir, spare me life. I have always tried ta live my life good and help others", he says. "Little fool, don't ye realize, that is tha very reason I 'ave chosen ye. Tha purer tha heart, tha greater its magic." I absolutly glow with tha look o' horror on his face and am drunk with ecstacy at the sound o' the scream that escapes his lips as I slowly, ever so slowly, guide tha dagger under his skin, just below his neck, and split him open like a gutted boar. I reach into his open cavity and pull out me prize. Tha last site he ever sees before joining his ancestors is his heart, still beating, in me hand. As I see his eyes start ta lose their shine I turn and look at tha 11 other jars sitting on tha self.

"HAHAHAHAHAAAA,just one more ta go and I'm done. Then Okami will truly know what a fathers wrath is like."



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