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Sails off into the rising sun
by Crokneru
Sun, 4 Jun 2000, at 4:47 p.m. CST

It all started on that ill-fated treasure hunt that Crokneru went on. Well, it didn't start on the treasure hunt, but rather after it, when Crokneru was alone on the isle after the other rangers left. The isle was a place to think and to enjoy some solitude. It was also strangely familiar. As Crokneru explored the isle, he remembered when he had been there before. Long ago when Crokneru was a young lad, he spent a lot of time on his father's merchant ship. His father stopped at this island occasionally, to gather supplies and trade with the natives. There were a number of islands similar to this one in the southern half of the world.

His mother was from an island like this one. Thoughts of his mother sent Crokneru's mind further into the past.

His mother's people were nomads, following the schools of fish across the Southern Seas. Without a permanent home (besides their boats), they had a number of temporary settlements on the various isles. Unfortunately, many of their settlements were taken away by callous souls who insisted on building homes on every empty plot of land, and then some.

Crokneru hadn't seen his mother for a long time, and hadn't been among his mother's people for even longer. He had learned the basics of their culture from his mother as a child, but now he realized that there was even more that he hadn't been taught. A longing deeper than homesickness filled Crokneru.

He knew that it was futile to search for his mother's people, having witnessed his father's many fruitless voyages to the area. He didn't if his mother's people still dwelt in Felucca, or if they had moved on to Trammel. He didn't even know if they still existed; with much of their land taken away, they may have not been able to survive.

And now the horizon looked ominous. While Trammel was still pristine, word had it that the cursed gods would soon turn the lands over to defilement, letting them be overrun with houses like Felucca. Trammel's days were thus numbered.

Crokneru didn't want to lose what could be his only chance to investigate his origins. Fortunately, he always carried twice the supplies he would need to live in the wild for a couple weeks, and his two boats would be more than sufficient transportation. Now was the time to discover what he could of his heritage.

While he was gone, he didn't want the Shadow Rangers to grow too bored, though. After some thought, he decided to unleash Tremikus upon them. That should keep them occupied for a while. He sent a pigeon off to Tremikus telling what fun it was to follow the green-cloaked rangers of Yew, and cringed slightly at the thought of what Tremikus was bound to do to the ill-fated pigeon.

With that, Crokneru turned his back to the world for a while, and sailed off toward the jungle coasts where his ancestors dwelt.



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