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The Shackless of the Woodsgirl
by Aeeyia
Tue, 23 May 2000, at 9:09 p.m. CST

Within the rooms of the abbey inn. Aeeyia stretches and yawns, returning from her victory of the earlier battle in the day. As she wakes up, Aeeyia heads for her daily breakfest of grapes and water.

Just as the young ranger exits the Abbey, she slips past Ryan, one of her enemies she fought in the battle. Thinking she slipped past unseen she continues her walk to the grape field.
"Mmm..", she lightly moaned as she saw the mornings fresh grapes, "good pickin's t'day". She picks several groups of the most perfect grapes she could find and walks towards the river not far from the grapefield. After popping a few grapes in her mouth she leans down to reach the water, scouping some water to drink.

Out of no where Aeeyia hears a slightly shuffle behind her. She jerks her head looking back, but it was to late. The man she had thought to not seen her, Ryan, had. His spell was completed and she could no longer move. After a motion of Ryans hands, Aeeyia felt a tight pressure push on her head and she falls to the ground. As she notices what happened, she looks up to see him standing over her with his sword to her.
"Dont hurt me" Fightened, Aeeyia spoke.
Quickly Ryan slashed her with his sword, leaned down and dragged her through a gate.
Through the gate was a dark home... Slowly Ryan drags her into the home, them both disapearing within the darkness.



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