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The Lady in Blue
by Perigon Golan
Thu, 18 Jan  2001, at 39:49 p.m. CST

Perigon sat, silently tending to his plants. He loved his new green leather, and purple sash. He liked tending to his plants, it just seemed to brighten up the room.

"'ey loverboy!" The lady in the blue leather armor shouted.

Peri quickly turned around, "Oh, danellosi hon. Errr...... ACK!" Peri shouted, reliseing who was in his house.

Llandra started twirling her sword. "Whats wrong with vys?! Vys left me under that island of ice for two hundred years?! Don't vys want to see vys beutiful wife?! And what about the kingdom vys was prince of, huh? Did vys just forget?!" She yelled, ranting on, and on.

"Heh, um, well, I tried severel times to clear the tunnel, but the ice was just too thick. Heh.... errr. uhg."

"That doesn't cut it!" Llandra was now red in the face.

"I tried for month to get vys out, but it was nys any use, the moment I got a little bit cleared, the part I had just cleared was covered again. Vys knows how bad Dagger Island is on the surface."

"Ays........ well........ thats nys any excuse. Vys has all these ranger friends, why didn't vys get them out there?! Huh?!"

"Well, we have been kinda busy.... with the evil Shiney Top on the loose, and a long time ago we were fighting the drow, and then I was with the Glamervelt Elven Community for a while, then I was trying to help the Ekirhs....... its been a busy 200 years!"

"I nys want to hear it! Go make me a bed, vys is sleeping on the bottom floor of this ugly pile of stone tonight!"

"Ays...... ays hon. 'Ey..... how the 'ell did vys get out of that cavern?! I dug for a month and couldn't get anything done!"

"Well, when the ice serpents started attacking the city, and eating the guard, swallowing the Ice Staves whole, I decided I would just go down one of the dead snake's holes, and come out on the surface!"

"What about the rest of the city?"

"They fended off the snake threat, it wasn't a big problem. I didn't leave until afterwards."

"Lwe. Its good to have vys back hon....."

"Its dan to be back. But vys has got to get me a new house....." Llandra said, looking around the pitiful marble shop. "This...... this is what vys has accomplished in two hundred years....."

"Well I did have a cabin, but problems came up, and I lost it!"

"I said I don't want to hear it."



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