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Do m'Tagradh Muileach
(To my Beloved Ghost)
by Ru, son o Hengslift o th'sons o Gaidheal

Alana - love I miss you,
Every day and every night,
And though I try to persevere,
I long for you despite.

I lay to sleep and feel your warmth
As though you're by my side,
And see you - more beautiful than any dream
When I dare to close my eyes.

Even in death I feel you here
Nestled deep within my heart,
The joy you brought me always near
And in memories never part.

And yet I feel alone sweet love
And cannot help but cry,
I need you in my arms my dove
For the pain to ever die.

Alana - love I miss you
More than I could ever say,
And I thought it quite impossible
To ever again feel this way.

A woman in my life my love
Has somehow found her way,
Like an angel sent from far above
To cause my heart to sway.

Even at the barest sight of she
My mind begins to blur,
My heart drown with affections
For I see your strength in her.

When the otherworlds collide my sweet
And a new world's given birth,
Only then will Rowaine's beauty
Be compared to on this earth.

She truely is quite wonderful,
Naught else would I dare say,
For her greatness indescribable,
In my words would find disgrace.

Everything about her - love
Inspires loving warmth within,
She makes me feel quite overwhelmed
Like my heart might just cave in.



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