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Travesty at Kent's
by Arilyn
Fri, February 25 2000, at 10:33PM EST

 So there I was right...  sitting in the corner of the bank in the Empath Abbey, going through my bank box... when I hear this sniveling, whiny voice... with a slight hint of overconfidence thrown in for good measure. It rang like a bat's screech in Shame... but I digress.... So I look up, something that annoying can nys be ignored for long, he spoke "Is anyone here a regular at Kent's?" obviously as a Shadow Ranger I'm in there my fair share, but I wasn't about to call attention to myself, after all I was rather comfortable in my dark little corner. "Hey everyone!" he shouted noisily, ringing my forest attuned ears "I just killed Trina, you're little bar maid from Kent's!" Well... now I was a bit concerned to say the least, so I looked at him a bit closer. A sniveling wiry cusp of a man he was, all greasy and mangled, a truly loathsome sight. So now I think "Well, he looks pathetic enough to pick on a helpless barmaid, best to go check it out ."So I pack my things back into my bank box, and slowly move around in the shadows towards the door, dropping my box off next to the banker so as to store it.... I deftly move out the doors of the abbey, and bust into full sprint, moving as fast as I possibly could towards the Shadow Rangers most beloved hangout... When I arrive.... sorrow, Trina's remains lay on the floor.... a sad sight was this.... flashbacks of my own sisters death raced through my mind and a rage quelled in me... Nys, this is nys going to go unheeded..... Just as I begin to formulate a plan, I see that same little wiry murderer flash by the windows, luckily I was already hiding in the corner... which is  a habit that I've come to find quite useful... So then he busts in the doors wheezing a bit, and drooling down his chin...oh anger! My eyes narrowed to thin slits...... ...what was this, the criminal returns to the scene of the crime? Well, ususaly I beleive its customary for the thief to leave the scene of the crime, but hey, who was I to complain... So he walks up to Trina's body... and begins going through her things! Well, obviously this was a crime that went too far..... he had now commited every act of treachery I can think of.... so I slyly and silently move in and out of the shadows... he moves toward the message board of the Tavern, and begins scribbling something... I slowly, ever so gently slide my gleaming sword from its sheath, lightly stepping in behind him, while he wheezes my sword crashes into the nape of his filthy back and he shrieks in pain, but tis nys over yet...oh nys, hardly, I cleave him a good more times as he tries to return to his feet, looking as if he will weep, I blacken his days... Blackness for you.. and you know you deserved it.

 *spits on the ground*



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