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And twice doth the captor become the captured
by Ryan
Sat, 27 May 2000, at 2:14 a.m. CST

Ryan was in the Abbey, depositing some gold. Acting quite fearless these days, he cared not that he was a wanted man. The gallant Okami strode into the Empath Abbey, sword in hand, adjusting his helmet. Without words, the two were at each otehr. Ryan nearly had him, but Okami soon applied that bandage, and Ryan tripped on the stairs while attempting to dodge him, and soon after fell victim to Okami's broad sword. Aeeyia, who somehow escaped the Drow's clutches (after Ryan had given her to them) came to gloat Ryan's unconcious body. Okami tied him up, and the two of them carried them off to the Shadow Ranger hut. He awakened, bound to a heavy barrel and wall of a small hut, somewhere in the woods from what he could tell from the open windows. Three rangers sat around him; Brutus, Okami, and Aeeyia. The 'torture' (I've had worse) began, and Ryan was soon a bloody pulp, as three more rangers soon after joined in on thrashing him. Delivering blows to his toes with a mallet, kicks to the groin, and allowing Aeeyia to slash his back up with a hot knife, Ryan barely escaped with his life, but not on his own. After the six rangers circulated ideas on what to do with him, Okami said "Enough!" (Thoughts of hanging him, drowning him, circumsizing him, etc) and drug his unconcious, and almost lifeless body into the forest, and left him. A wnadering healer was kind enough to give him aid, and helped him to his feet, bandaging his torn muscles and thrashed body. He returned to his hut, where he now rests, alone, until he is fully restored to exact his revenge upon those rogues.



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