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What about that bow, I
by Brutus
Mon, 19 Feb 2001, at 1:58 a.m. CST

The wind blew against the fletchers hut like fists pounding at the walls. The night was cold and blustry there had been few customers this eve. Mona bussied herself sweeping the floor preparing to lock the doors for the evening when the bell above the door rang alerting her to a patron coming inside. Mona gripped the broom curious who could be here at this hour. She turned to the door and stood face to face with a very grim looking individual. A much smaller and uglier creature stood beside this tall omnious fellow. Mona began to shiver fearing what lied in store. "Good evening I was just about to lock up er how can I help you gentleman?" she spoke in a very timid voice. "Im looking for a bow" said the man in a deep almost feelingless voice. "a really really good bow, show me the best ye got" Mona was becoming more and more nervous. What did this person mean the bows for sale were clearly displayed on the tables around the store. "Well sir you can see our selection around you feel free to have a look" she said ever holding the broom ready for the worst at any moment. "Auk whaz we do Boz dis bore Gobo let Gobo have funz boz ples!" the small creature suddently called out hopping about impatiently. "Shut yer mouth ye little nothing" spoke the man. He walked around staring at the selection of archery weapons his eyes coming to one which hung upon the wall behind Mona. "Ah what about that one?" he said pointing towards the bow. Mona turned and looked knowing which one he ment. "uh no sir Im sorry that belongs to the owner tis his prize bow tis only for display I am sorry please pick something else then be on your way the night does grow late." Mona said dreading the words as she spoke them. "Oh no madame I insist its that bow I do seek be a good girl and go and fetch it down for me" Said the strange man sounding much more firm in his voice. Mona still staring at the bow not wanting to look at either of the two of them any more stood still frightened to move an inch. the man walked up behind her and shoved her roughly towards the wall throwing her across the room. "Get going get the bow!" yelled out the man with a wild look in his eye. Mona fell to the floor and covered her head she listened as the man walked over to the bow on the wall and pulled it down. It was a very superior bow and would fetch a great price in any market. The man clutched it firmly and said "how much?" Mona looked up puzzled by this. "you will pay for it then?" She asked hoping this torment would end soon. "No no madame how much!" barked out the man while chuckling to himself. Mona looked down back to the floor knowing now what the man ment. She somberly pointed to a chest in the corner where the days take waited to be taken to the abbey bank. "Gobo" the man barked pointing to the chest. Gobo hopped gingerly towards the chest and ripped it opened finding a sack of gold. It strugled to pick it up then finnaly hoisted it over its shoulder. The man walked towards Mona and looked down at her. He snatched the bonnet she wore on her head and placed it on his own. She looked up at him and saw him smiling. It was a curious smile almost peaceful she stared wondering what would happen next when suddenlty there was a swift movement from his hand a sharp white flash and then darkness...



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