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What about that bow, II
by Brutus
Mon, 19 Feb 2001, at 7:48 a.m. CST

Mona still felt sore. The criminal from the night before had not only walked off with the prized bow, and the money from that days sales he had also taken her irreplaceable wedding ring given to her by her late husband and a set of earrings left to her by her mother. She had awoken sore from the hit to the head but more hurt by the loss and the feeling of helplessness he had caused. She had rested most of the day and was up now at the fletchers shop to get a few things and then head back home. When the door opened. A young gentleman stepped in dressed in a suit of ring mail. He had a bow across his back and another on in his hand. Mona greeted him saying "welcome sir have a look about" as she awalys did. The young fellow replied "Im looking for a lady named Mona." This came naturally as a suprise to the shopkeep. She said "oh well thats me what can I do for you?" "I heard about what happened to you the night before madame." "I have tracked down the criminal and dispatched him I bring back to you the items he did take" With that the young gentleman handed her a bag containing the lost gold and jewlry he then handed her the bow. Mona was overjoyed to see these possions and the shops gold returned. "Oh my thank you sire" she exclaimed with glee. "Oh how can I ever repay you here good sire take this bow please twill do more good in the hands of one such as your self than hanging on the wall here." He humbly tried to say no but could tell how it just woulndt of been the thing to do and gratioulsy accepted. "Thank you mame I was doing what was right" said the gentleman. "Please sire I must know thy name." With that the man tipped his hat and said "names Edgar mame Im an aspiring Shadow Ranger." "Only aspiring?" asked Mona. "Oh I doubt that clearly you are quite an acomplished ranger indeed." Edgar smiled and went to leave "Thank you madame Im glad I could help" And with that he left heading back to his home in Shadowmoor.



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