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Young and Innocent
by Thomas
Mon, 29 Jan 2001, at 10:05 p.m. CST

Whenever he thought of the dreadfull day the Undead kidnapped him, he reached for the large scar that covered his left hand. The Undead had carved a word on it. Which one he didn't know; he couldn't read yet. Another man, one with wings, had made most of it disappear but there was still a large scar on his hand. He tried not to think of the pain and fear, of the whiplashes and bloody brains stuffed into his mouth. He found it was hard to ignore the memories of a day as traumatizing as that one.

He had never seen Undead before then. Horrible creatures they were, who only made appearances in scary stories. He never realized he might actually see one. When he did see one, he was scared to death. The skeletons seemed more evil and more scary than he could have ever imagined. The crackling of their bones and their hissing made him shiver. They wore no tattered clothing, which added to the ferocity of their looks. One had kicked the door open and almost instantaniously Thomas' feet began to run. The Undead chased him and Haily to the upstairs of the Grape's Wrath Tavern. They tried to hide from him; Thomas crawled under the table and Haily ran towards a barrel but the Undead found them both. He quickly hit the two over the head and tied them up. Haily was hit harder than he was, and she passed out. Everything after this particular moment seemed like a dream, as if it weren't really him experiencing it all.

He tried to focus his thoughts on another subject, but it was hard when he was alone. He stayed inside the Healer's. Not many people came there, but he felt safe inside. He didn't dare to go outside, especially not alone. For some odd reason outside seemed more dangerous than inside, while he knew it made little difference. For a while Okami lay in the Healer's, though he slept most of the time. Now he was alone again with his thoughts. His frightful thoughs.



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