Here you will find pictures of our adventures and events. This gallery's main purpose is to remind us of the good time we had togheter. If you are a member or a friend of the guild and have your own images that you would like to share with the rest of us,  submit them!

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MoorCouncil1.jpg (217282 byte) Shadowmoor Council (Mar. 2001) - Public session. The village people are discussing topics of general interest MoorCouncil2.jpg (215570 byte) Shadowmoor Council (Mar. 2001) - Closed session. The council members are now occupied with the close session. In the public Hall, some villagers are chatting.
RangersChallenge1.jpg (214083 byte) Landslore Challenge (Mar. 2001) - The contestants for the first Challenge gather at Shadowmoor and sign up for the competition. RangersChallenge2.jpg (128608 byte) Landslore Challenge (Mar. 2001) - One of the landmarks touched by this competition was the ancient tower in the center of the Hedge Maze. Here we see a contestant receiving a clue for the next landmark.
RangersChallenge3.jpg (144333 byte) Landslore Challenge (Mar. 2001) - In the Hidden Valley, the last landmark touched by the Challenge. Here you see the 2nd (Teleri) and 3rd (Auriel) contestant arriving there almost togheter. TrinsicCaravan1.jpg (194141 byte) Trinsic Grand Council (Mar. 2001) - A delegation from Shadowmoor is received by the Trinsic Council. The artisans of the moor are preparing a caravan headed to Trinsic Grand Market.
skout.jpg (69576 byte)Crokneru gets a promotion (Feb. 2001) - After 9 months and 18 days, the village scout is finally promoted to Shadowmoor Scout! wpe1.jpg (76369 byte)Brutus got a dream (Feb. 2001) - I won't comment on this one...
MoorAttack1.jpg (100045 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - Defenders are gathering. A storm of lightnings is hitting the village and the conversion crystal is glowing. MoorAttack2.jpg (206018 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - In the heat of the battle: a blistering wywern and dozens deamons are leading the minions of Artarion.
MoorAttack3.jpg (205110 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - A moment of rest - one of the first waves has been defeated. The blistering wyvern lies dead on the ground along with the rest of the creatures. No losses in the defenders ranks so far MoorAttack4.jpg (210005 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - The Fire Fiend - at last it comes a creature of unbelievable strenght and power: the fire fiend. A  long and deadly fight begins.
MoorAttack5.jpg (200687 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - The fire fiend is finally killed with a few losses in our ranks. The survivors now wonder if the attack is over. MoorAttack6.jpg (205577 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - A crowd gathers at Shadowmoor. The defenders of  the other places attacked by Artarion's creatures  are now gathering at the village. Suddendly, Xenthyl the Phantom appears.
MoorAttack7.jpg (92013 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - Xenthyl reveals to the crowd that Lord Ventryn himself is at his lair. The Phantom opens a facet gate and then another gate to Ventryn's lair.  MoorAttack8.jpg (144019 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - Ventryn is indeed found in his secret lair. He is severely injuried, a large hole in his head. Some basic healing is needed to avoid his death. A decision is made to carry Ventryn to Shadowmoor, for further interrogation.
MoorAttack9.jpg (194199 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - The caravan finally reaches for Shadowmoor. Ventryn is in bad conditions, barely alive. MoorAttack10.jpg (161216 byte)Artarion  attack on the Shadowmoor (Feb. 2001) - Ventryn is taken to the Shadowmoor Guild Hall, in the prison cell. While some are questioning him, some of the heroes who helped in the defense rest their bones in the large meeting room.
madok1.jpg (183696 byte)Madok's funeral - Gathering at Shadowmoor. Brutus and Gaidin are about to take the druid body from the his resting bed. madok4.jpg (149865 byte)Madok's funeral - on the path to the Justice Shrine, sacred to the Druids.
madok7.jpg (158511 byte)Madok's funeral - Uriel d'Ascalon's speech at Justice Shrine. A moment of commotion while Uriel enlights us on what Justice means to Druids and to a Rangers madok9.jpg (149328 byte)Madok funeral - the Grave. In a place sacred to the rangers, we say the last goodbye to our fallen friend. This place is now Madok's Grave by his friends. Farewell, duid.
Sorcha & AndrewSorcha & Andrew wedding. At this time, Sorcha was still an Initiate to our band and Andrew was an officer of the Royal Army of Britannia. The ceremony was held in Nuje'lm. Yew Festival 1Yew Festival. The guests gather at the Sturdy Bow, in Yew. Dove the Healer (in white robes) is giving instructions for the upcoming Archery Tournment. A little market has been installed by the Craftsmen of Yew.
Yew Festival 2Yew Festival. The Archery Tournment is going to start. The last instructions are being given, and the archers are lined up. Yew Festival 3Yew Festival. The Archery Tournment is over and the whole party has moved to the Kent's Last Pint. Festivities are open! You can also enjoy a very rare view the beautiful Chani in a simple "paesant" uniform.
Rangers gatheringRangers Gathering. One of our gatherings. This one was held at the Bear Lodge. We have several gatherings in the course of the year. Most of them are held in remote places in the woods, where we feel home. The gatherings are occasions to meet, discuss the recent events, exchange informations on the state of the land, and take important decisions concerning the guild and its members.  A new game being inventedIt is the end of the 1999, in Britannia, the rangers are playing with snowballs. Suddendly, a new game is born. A club, four bases, a launcher, and little esle is needed. An appropriate name for this game is still to be decided. Someone proposed Snowball... 
New Years EveNew Years Eve. At Kent's, Yew. Rangers and their friends are celebrating the upcoming new year. MacGregor is inside his "castle" and challenges everyone to go take him. It'll end up in a bloodbath, of course. starroom.jpg (57504 byte)The Stars Room. Perigon Golan knew a secret place. He called a gathering of  rangers and invited them  to follow him there. A perillous jurney it was: down into the underground of Terhatan Keep. Great battles were fought that day and in the end a band of rangers with some friends from other guilds reached their secret destination: the fabled Stars Room.
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Hunts & Battles

FireDungeon1.jpg (112668 byte) Descent into Fire Dungeon (Feb. 2001) - After a long journey under the volcanos, we finally reach the bottom of the dungeon where a evil wizards tower is located. FireDungeon2.jpg (89959 byte) Descent into Fire Dungeon (Feb. 2001) - The hunting party. We had up to 11 people in the party. This picture is taken at the bottom of the dungeon, when we are about to head back to the exit
ShadowmoorOrcs.gif (260321 byte)Shadowclan orcs assault on Shadowmoor. A fierce battle. In the end, the vicious orc horde was defeated with no loss on our side! Dragon hunting in CovetousWe also adventured into Covetous one day. Well the rangers go there from time to time, do gather feathers for their arrows. But this time it was special: we wanted to explore the whole dungeon, down until the deeper caves. There we found the Dragon. With the help of a wizard from Britain, we managed to defeat the foe.
CampfireHere we are in the lost lands, at the extreme north. This area is also known as the Icelands. After a whole day exploring and hunting, the rangers rest at a campfire. DeamonThis time the adventure takes us to Hythloth, dungeon of horrors. As always, our goal is to complete the exploration of the dungeon. We start at the entrance and fight our way down to the fourth level, where rumors talk of deamons and balrons.
Orc fort raid 1Shadowclans Orc Fort. A joined force of Rangers, Celts and Free Corps raided the orc fort that day. The vile creatures were defeated after a furious battle. Fort burns!Shadowclans Fort Burns! Yet another massive attack on the orc fort. Before this attack, the very same force of Yew people attacked Necropolis, the City of Evil, and conquered both Undead Keep and Crimsom Alliance Tower. It was a great day for the Free People of the North.
Dragon huntingDragon Hunting. The rangers dared to adventure into Destard, the dungeon of the Dragonkind. This picture was taken at the time of our first descent in that terrible place. The hunt proved to be very succefull and the party made it to the Shrine in the depths of the caves. We slayed a Dragon and several Drakes on our way to the shrine.
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The Pilgrimage

Back in 1998, a few like minded friends of Yew met at the Community Center and came out with the idea of a Pilgrimage to the Eight Shrine of the Virtues. From the original party of about five or six pilgrims, the group grew larger and larger. I remember at one point, when we departed from Vesper, counting not less than 20 pilgrims on the road.

The pilgrims gather at the Yew AbbeyThe Pilgrims gather at the Yew Abbey. Dove the Healer is giving general instructions on the route to follow. The Rangers and a elf meet at the Flowers, on their way to the Justice Shrine The Rangers and a elf meet at the Flowers, on their way to the Justice Shrine


Pilgrimage3.jpg (139494 byte)The pilgrims finally reach their first destination: the Shrine of Justice. There, they meet a strange individual, Logan.


Pilgrimage4.jpg (138254 byte)The ceremony at the Shrine is over. The Pilgrims are preparing for a pic nic. Inside, Logan and Jurai are talking about the ideal of Justice. Rumors are that Jurai was given some special and blessed item by Logan in this occasion, something representing the Virtue of Justice.
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The Lodges

Early 1999. The Shadow Rangers, with the help of Rangers of Heart, started a project of creating several lodges in the wildlands. These were intended as shelters and safe houses for the hunters and travellers. The project even got the attention of noble patrons from distant villages, who donated some buildings to the cause. Here are the paintings of some of the lodges.

The Wolf Lodge Wolf Lodge. Anatoly Kryczech, of the Rangers of the Heart,  allowed his house to become a Rangers Lodge. A gathering of Shadow Rangers and Rangers of Heart was held at the inauguration ceremony. The Lodge was located in the extreme north of the Justice Peninsula. Due to unfortunate inconvenients, this lodge is no more functional. OakLodge.jpg (77234 byte)Oak Lodge. This is the Shadow Rangers main lodge, where our guildstone is located. It is at the borders of the Deep Forest, east of Yew.


Glen Town HallThe Lodges project was sponsored by several patrons. The Glen Village allowed their Town Hall to become a safe house for the travelers and the rangers. Lord Wracu, the village leader, did much more for the cause of the rangers: he donated yet another house deed and also provided us with several sets of armors and weapons in the following months. Long live the Glen Village!  Bear Lodge Bear Lodge.
Willow LodgeWillow Lodge. The most recent lodge the rangers built in the Deep Forest, east of Yew. The building was donated by Finn the Wandering Healer. Eagle LodgeEagle Lodge. Very near to Yew and its Abbey, this lodge is  a donation from Dove the Healer of Yew.



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