Gathering by nightShadomoor Village is inhabited by a lot of people. The main groups are of course the Rangers, the Druids, and the Guards. However it is easy to spot several craftmen and women at their work, healers, alchemists, retired warriors and mages. This folk found a place where to live and rest. Believing in the same ideals as the rangers who founded Shadowmoor, they are protected by the Guards and the Rangers. In return for the hospitality that they found here, they usually offer their services to the village folk. There is also several vendors in the village selling thir wares to the travellers in need. Not being part of the three main groups (Rangers, Guards, Druids) the village folk are not allowed to take active part in any combat activity. While there is no specific restriction on their skills, you won't find a trapper or a tailor helping in the defense of the village or fighting our enemies anywhere else (unless for emergency or self-defense). A retired wizard or warrior wishing to live in Shadowmoor will be welcome among us provided that he follows our ideals; but by joining the village folk he will renounce to taking active part in combat. The reason for this is that we have quite specialized combat classes and allowing not restricted combatants in the village would simply unbalance our system.

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