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Elven Ranger"Roaming the wild with stealthy tread, rangers are formidable warriors, fighting to protect the wild places of the World from evil and destruction. Longtime friends and allies of the ancient Druids, the Rangers share their quest to restore the great Balance of Nature. The Rangers fight a tireless battle against all creatures that exist outside the natural order. The beasts of the wild see rangers as their kin, and these wardens of the wilderness walk among them without fear. Rangers are masters of the bow, and also favor wooden staves and swords in battle. The rigors of life in the wild demands that every Ranger be able to find his way and survive in the wild. As a result, the World knows no finer hunters, trackers, and woodsmen. Like their brother Druids, Rangers can also attune themselves to the wilderness around them. While every Ranger's first duty is to protect Nature, his second duty is to defend the peoples from harm, whether the Ranger's aid is appreciated or not. Long the targets of suspicion and superstition, most Rangers tend to keep their calling a secret. Few ever suspect that the dour trapper that wanders into their village every so often for supplies is actually a master swordsman and deadly archer, who slew an entire Troll horde to keep their village safe. While not particularly fond of towns and cities, rangers consider them a necessary evil and permit them to exist, provided that they do not expand too quickly into the pristine wilderness. Traditionally secretive, some have come back from the woods, walking among people openly. All Rangers know that the great Balance has been disrupted, and all Nature hangs perilously on the edge of oblivion. Most believe that a great crisis is coming, a fight for the destiny of the world. No matter the cost, the Rangers intend to win."


Elder Ranger
The guild founders have the title of Elders. The Elders are Keepers of the Stone (guildstone) and their word and advice is respected and followed by the guild. The Elders are permanent members of the Council.

First Ranger
Leader of the Rangers. He is elected every three months (real life time) by the members of his group. His duties include: training the initiates and eventually assigning them a tutor, organizing hunts and assigning missions to the rangers when needed. He also interviews the candidates who want to join as Rangers and then reports to the Council

Veteran Ranger
Seasoned veteran. They are respected for their experience and knoweledge. Very often a Veteran will be found mentoring the initiates on the rangers way of life. Veterans are nominated by the Council.

Deep Forest Ranger
Senior ranger. A Ranger who completed his initiation period and proved himself worthy of this title. He has full access to the guild resources. He proudly wears the Forest Cloak. 

Ranger Initiate
All the aspirants to the Rangers group join us as Initiates. During this period they get to know the guild better and, most important, they show their attitude and skills to the senior members. An initiate is strongly encouraged to seek a Deep Forest or Veteran Ranger willing to take him under his wing. This senior ranger will follow him during the initiation period and show him the way of the rangers. Being an initiate does not mean being accepted in the guild yet. When the tutor (or the First Ranger) feels that the initiate is ready to join as a senior ranger, he will inform the First Ranger and thus, the Council. Eventually the initiate will be sent out on a Quest. The success in his Quest is vital to the acceptance in the Guild. A ceremony held by the Elders welcomes the Initiate in the Guild as an effective member. At the ceremony he takes the Rangers Oath and the title of Deep Forest Ranger. During the ceremony the Ranger will also receive his Forest Cloak, pride of the rangers and sign of his membership.

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"I am a Ranger, strong and free,
Deep in the forest I uphold the truth,
The woods are my aura, the forest my protection
I have nothing to fear in my surroundings 
for I am one with the greens
I fear not evil, it only fears me, 
for my soul is pure and uncorruptable,
Beware those who pass thrugh my forest,
I shall never be gentle to those who come with malicious intent.
Our cause is precious and I will protect it 
until my last drop blood is ebbed.
May my sword be guided by the Ranger's virtues,
may it strike fear into the heart of the enemy.
I am a Ranger and I will do my duty"

Ranger Creed

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A minimum 150 skill points *must* be spent in two or more of these skills:




detect hidden

animal taming

animal lore






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Shadow Rangers don't use magery. They also don't use scrolls and runebooks, ever. This means that Rangers characters are not allowed to use the magery skill, even when they are away from the guild. Basically, no magery skill. Period. Magic devices like rings and wands are allowed.

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Armors & Shields

leather gorget.gif (936 byte)
leather pants.gif (1420 byte)leather.gif (1505 byte)
leather gloves.gif (1005 byte)leather sleeves.gif (1120 byte)

studded gorget.gif (944 byte)
studded pants.gif (1335 byte)Studded.gif (1486 byte)
studded gloves.gif (999 byte)studded sleeves.gif (1104 byte)

ring pants.gif (1497 byte)ring.gif (1425 byte)
ring gloves.gif (990 byte)ring sleeves.gif (1204 byte)

metal shield.gif (1066 byte)

wooden shield.gif (1255 byte)

bronze shield.gif (1375 byte)

buckler.gif (1209 byte)

wooden kite shield.gif (1146 byte)
wooden kite

All pieces of leather, studded leather and ringmail armor are allowed. Chainmail can be used only in extreme circumstances (i.e. a large battle) and even then only when authorized.

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viking.gif (968 byte)

mace.gif (950 byte)

spear.gif (1131 byte)

All the three melee combat styles are welcome, with their relative weapons. The only exception is the use of halberds and bardiches. These weapons are damn too heavy and slow to be effective with our combat style. In geneal, rangers tend to avoid the use of the two handed weapons for the same reasons.

longbow.gif (1007 byte)

crossbow.gif (980 byte)

heavy crossbow.gif (1027 byte)

Many of our members are skilled archers. All the available kinds of archery weapons are allowed, even if the use of the heavy crossbow is very rare and not encouraged by our tacticians. It is too heavy, slow and encumbering for an effective use in the forest. The preferred weapon of choice is the long bow, in which many of us excel.

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