Rangers Tales

A list of tales. Most of them from in game events. All members, friends and enemies are welcome to submit their tales here: leave a sign of your passage in Britannia! When submitting a tale, provide the author's name (character of course), a title, and any other reference you find usefull.

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The Tales

A afternoon delight
by Pyrill Synsmar
A very short life
by Briza d'Olath
A market, battles and a lute
by Arwin
And twice doth the captor 
become the captured

by Ryan

Darkness Dances
by Crokneru

Dusk, Part I (Madok)
by Madok Wayfarer
Dusk, Part II (Elrick)
by Elrick Strongbow
Do m'Tagradh Muileach
by Ru, son o Hengslift o 
th'sons o Gaidheal
Falling from Grace
by Arilyn
Fire and Ice
by Ruden Solic
by Arwin

Hidden treasure
by Balaern'sus

Interview with Nathan Longbow 
of  the Shadow Rangers

by Galen Wilding
Into the Crypts
by Sol Sunblade
Late one evening
by Brutus
Left for dead
by Aeeyia
Light and darkness
by Okami
by Tremikus

Murder at the market
by Okami

Now of the Night
by Arilyn

Okami: year 6
by Okami

Okami: year 13
by Okami

Okami's POV
by Okami

Sails off into the raising sun
by  Crokneru
by Arilyn
Silent grief
by Okami
Sobering up...
by Okami
The Bomb and the Door
by Thomas
The botch
by Okami
The checklist
by Arwin
The Lady in Blue
by Perigon Golan
The preparation for Okami
by Kunori
The Shackless of the Woodgirl
by Aeeyia
Travesty at Kent's
by Arilyn
Well told lies
by Okami
What about that bow I
by Brutus
What about that bow II
by Brutus
Young and Innocent
by Thomas



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