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Guildstone problems
By Nathan Longbow -  15 Mar. 2001

Since the last patch there are some problems with the guildstone: it is impossible to declare peace on any guild we are warred with. For this reason at the time being we are not accepting war declarations: we could not peace them in case of trouble.

Merchandise section added
By Nathan Longbow -  13 Mar. 2001

A new Merchandise section has been added to the website. Thanks to Edgar (who surely got some time in his hands), you can now wear a Shadow Rangers t-shirt! Check it out

Gallery updated
By Nathan Longbow -  13 Mar. 2001

The gallery has been updated with a couple screenshots from yesterday's village council.

A Bard in the bunch
By Nathan Longbow -  13 Mar. 2001

Danith Runesong joins us as Ranger Initiate. Welcome in the bunch!

The Phantom's Betrayal
By Nathan Longbow -  13 Mar. 2001

Britannia News Network has a new article up, explaining the recent events that had several of our members involved.

For your reading pleasure

Shadowmoor Council Meeting - Update
By Nathan Longbow -  12 Mar. 2001

The Shadowmoor Council will meet today (Monday, March the 12th) at 4pm Moonglow clock. It was originally scheduled at 3pm.

Landslore Challenge results
By Nathan Longbow -  12 Mar. 2001

The Challenge is now over, with the following winners: 

Winner: Lancelot of the Rangers of Heart (awarded with a Clothing bless deed)
2nd: Teleri Calendros of the Shadowmoor Guard (awarded with a rare green mug of ale)
3rd: Auriel Zorana of the Shadow Rangers (awarded with a rare dark whip)

The Gallery was updated with some screenshots taken during the course of the event, don't miss the opportunity to give a look!

Congratulation to all the winners!

A new Ranger
By Nathan Longbow -  12 Mar. 2001

Auriel Zorana joins as Ranger Initiate: she distinguished herself during the Landslore Challenge, showing great knoweldge of our lands along with good skills as a ranger. Everybody welcome her in the band!

Yew: Confidence Vote
By Nathan Longbow -  12 Mar. 2001

Check the latest announcement from the Yew Council about the Confidence Vote. 

Shadowmoor Village Council
By Nathan Longbow -  9 Mar. 2001

The next session of the Shadowmoor Council will meet Monday, March the 12th, at 3pm Moonglow clock. It will start with a public session where citizens are invited to voice their concerns, ideas and suggestions. A closed session will follow. In this occasion prospective members sponsored by the First Ranger, First Druid and Guard Captain may be interviewed.

Stratics interview with the Shadow Rangers
Thursday, 8 Mar. 2001

Stratics posted an interview with Nathan. Some little misconceptions and the first part of the interview was cut down (this part was mainly about the history of our guild, I can't blame the reporter). Overall the report is quite accurate. My thanks to Galen Wilding of the UOSS Catskills team for inviting our guild to an interview!

Read it before it scrolls down!

Xenthyl appears and calls for a gathering
by Okami  -  Wednesday, 7 Mar. 2001

Xenthyl has asked that any interested in learning more about Artarion's past gather outside Trammel Yew Empath Abbey at 7pm moonglow (est) time.

The new Officers of the Yew Militia 
by Nathan Longbow -  Wednesday, 7 Mar. 2001

The following was posted on the Abbey walls:

"For all to know, the high officers of the Yew Militia are as follows:

Centu, of the Keepers of Justice
Lowgun, of the Knights of Yew
Flint Fireforge, of the Free Corps

These are the only current officers in the militia, anyone saying otherwise would be incorrect.

Aaron Effington
Captain of Yew's Militia"

Yew Census 
by Nathan Longbow - 

The census of Yew if now open in preparation for the coming vote of confidence next Monday. Learn more.

Updated list of groups banned from Yew 
by Nathan Longbow - 

Another edict from the Yew Mayor, Jas Lightstryder. It contains an updated and hopefully complete list of groups and individuals banned from town. Read the edict.

Recent Yew Council Decisions
by Nathan Longbow -  Tuesday, 6 Mar 2001

The latest edict from the Yew Council can be read here

Yew Council Erupts in Violence
by Nathan Longbow -  Tuesday, 6 Mar 2001

UOSS: "Today's meeting of the Yew Council was interrupted by a violent outburst which left two zombies un-animated, and the room in chaos..."

Read the rest of the story here

A new village resident
by Nathan Longbow -  Monday, 5 Mar 2001

Aure Calendros joins us as a Villager. She is the sister of Teleri the Guard and is a bard/healer. Everybody welcome her to the village!

Trinsic Council authorizes Shadowmoor Caravan
by Nathan Longbow -  Monday, 5 Mar 2001

Yesterday a delegation from Shadowmoor composed by Nathan Longbow, Aeeyia, Tiffany the Grandmaster Tailor and Lwyins the Grandmaster Bowyer headed to Trinsic. There they headed for the Town Hall where they requested for an audience with the town council. Once allowed they asked permission for a caravan of  Shadowmoor to reach Trinsic and set up a market. The authorities then suggested that the caravan would head to Trinsic in time for the next Grand Market, scheduled sometime at the end of the month. The Shadowmoor caravan was also offered some escorting service upon reaching the southern lands.

Landslore Master Challenge - Update!
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger -  Sunday, 4 Mar. 2001

An important update to the rules set for the Master Challenge event has been posted on our public message board. Make sure to read it!

Read about Landslore Master Challenge

Artarion Claims Qua'Tel Deceased
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger -  Sunday, 4 Mar. 2001

UOSS: "Artarion, the mage who has been waging attacks against many Yew affiliated communities, stated Saturday afternoon that Qua'Tel was indeed killed during last week's joint attack on Yew, Felucca by both Artarion and Scaramandine the Elder..."

Read the rest of the story here

New tales posted
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger -  Sunday, 4 Mar. 2001

Two new tales by Okami have been posted on the Tales page 

Yew Bans Defied
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger -  Sunday, 4 Mar. 2001

From UOSS: "In direct defiance of bans issued by the city's reigning council, Yew was entered Saturday night by members of the Death Corps, the Crimson Alliance, the Black Guard of Satamarin, and the Undead Minions of the Well. They appeared at Empath Abbey in force, engaging in combat with members of the Knights of Yew, the Celts, and others who chose to uphold the bans... "

Read the rest of the story here 

Artarion and Scaramandine the Elder Attack Yew
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger -  Friday, 2 Mar 2001

Big events in Yew and elsewhere tonight. An accurate report was posted on the UOSS Castkills News (note: you find a link to Catskills News at the top of this page):

"In response to a tip from a source within the Shadow Rangers, hinting at important developments in the Ventryn case, Tymaron and I visited Yew tonight, finding a large number of our fellow Britannians assembled there."

Read all the story here

Yew Council Decisions
by Nathan -  Thursday, 1 Mar 2001

The latest Yew Council Decisions can be found here.

A new Ranger joins us
by Nathan -  Thursday, 1 Mar 2001

Anasazi Fremont joins us as Ranger Initiate. Yet some more work for our First Ranger it seems *winks*.

BNN on Ventryn's return
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Wednsday, 28 Feb 2001

The BNN reporters posted a good article on the recent events concerning Artarion and Ventryn. There is even an interesting hint about the famous "Ventryn staff". You can read the article here

Announcing the Landslore Master Challenge!
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Tuesday, 27 Feb 2001

Do you think that you are the perfect Ranger? Do you dare to claim that you know our lands like your pockets? Show us your skills! Win the Landslore Master Challenge!

The contestants will gather at the Watchtower roof. When the challenge starts, a chest will be unlocked and each contestant will grab a hintbook containing a clue to their first destination. Those brave enough to reach the place will be awarded with another hintbook containing clues to the next landmark! Up to six landmarks will be touched by this first Challenge. The first three runners arriving at the final destination will win a prize!

1st place: a Clothing Bless Deed
2nd place: a mug of ale (green one)
3rd place: a whip
(the 2nd and 3rd prize are subject to change)

Rangers, Druids, Villagers, Guards can take part in the event. This is a guild-only event. Yes this is a pity but since the prizes are a donation to the guild... we feel like giving them to our fellow members - No magic travelling (this is for druids and villagers) - Teams of up to two members can be formed. If this is the case, the two team members must wear; something that will help identifying the team (a dyed body shas, boots, whatever). In case of victory, each team member will receive a prize (yes, each member can win a Bless Deed) - Upon arriving at the final landmark the runners must show all the hintbooks gathered along the way - The route to reach each landmark is up to the contestant. The shortest, the better - No boat sailing - All the landmarks will be on mainland. The area is not limited to the Deep Forest or the Northen regions - It is possible that some landmarks will be in dangerous areas. You better be ready to defend yourself - Killing the opponents is not an option *grins*. Combat between contestants is forbidden for the whole duration of the event.

Saturday Mar the 10th, 6pm EST

Those willing to attend are required to subscribe in advance. This is mandatory since we will prepare some material (hintbooks, chests, prizes etc) according to the number of runners. To subscribe, send a message to Nathan

Gallery updated with shots from the Fire Dungeon expedition
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Monday, 26 Feb 2001

The Gallery now contains two pictures taken during the Descent into Fire Dungeon. The event was a great success: we had up to 12 hunters taking part in the expedition. As planned, we entered the dungeon from the Serpents Hold entrance, fought our way to the bottom and then headed back to the lost lands exit. From there we had another rough time reaching the jungles: the volcanos area was filled with the same kind of creature that abound in the caves: efreetes, fire elementals, hell hounds, lava serpents... In the dungeon itself, among other creatures, we battled the lich lords, deamons, efreetes, evil mage lords, liches. Stay tuned for the next guild hunt!

Village Scout
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Monday, 26 Feb 2001

As largely announced by all the medias, after 9 months and 18 days the village scout Crokneru has been promoted from "Ranger Initiate" to Shadowmoor Scout. To celebrate the event, a potrait of the rogue was posted on the Gallery page.

A tale about Artarion attack on the moor
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Monday, 24 Feb 2001

The Tales page has been updated with a tale from Ruden Solic, a former member of our guild and a good friend to all of us. He was kind enough to submit an excellent story about Artarion attack on Shadowmoor.

Edict from the Yew Council
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Monday, 24 Feb 2001

An important announcement was made today by the new Yew Council. It was pinned on the Abbey wall and elsewhere in Yew.

Descent into Fire Dungeon
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Thursday, 22 Feb 2001

On Sunday the 25th (at 3pm EST) we'll gather a hunting party and head to the lost lands. Our mission: the complete exploration of the Fire Dungeon. Keep in mind that this mission is rated as extremely dangerous. Just to give you an idea or what we'll face: lich lords, liches, deamons, efreetes, evil mage lords, hell hounds, lava serpents, predator hellcats. The entrance to the dungeon itself is already very dangerous. The first level should be relatively easy while the deeper level is a true hell. This will be an occasion to test our team strategies but also a way to break the routine of costant fighting in Yew and Shadowmoor. Hopefully our enemies who seem to costantly target the green cloaks will leave us alone this time (yes this is a plea to you evil GMs: leave us alone! *grins*). If you plan on attending please let me know in advance so I can organize some sort of plan. We'll gather at the Lost Lands lighthouse and from there we'll sail to the volcanos area. Come fully equipped and don't be late!

by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Thursday, 22 Feb 2001

Lucius Antius and Teleri Calendros have both been promoted to the rank of Shadowmoor Guard for their efforts in defending the village during Artarion's attacks. Congratulations to both of them!

Guildstone control transferred
by Arwin, Elder Ranger-  Wednesday, 21 Feb 2001

You all probably noticed my absence for the past few weeks. That's because of my horrible internet connection. Once every 3 days I'm able to play for a short period of time, and I don't feel I'm able to perform the stonecontroller duties. Thus, I transferred the guildstone to Nathan. Direct all of your questions and complaints (poor Nate) to him. I hope to be back very soon.

UOSS links us!
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Tuesday, 20 Feb 2001

Just today I found out that the UOSS guys added the village of Shadowmoor to their "Catskills Community" section. They also added the Shadow Rangers to their "Catskills Guilds" section. Now, if you have absolutely nothing else to do and you don't have a life other than your almighty guild, you could go there and vote for our links: eventually one day we'll show up in the list of the top-rated Catskills links. What for? I have no idea. But sounds like a k3w7 thing to do *grins*

Taking a break from UO
by Okami, Guard Captain -  Tuesday, 20 Feb 2001

As most of you know, I've been coming down with a bad case of UO burnout, and the only thing that's kept me logging on was the seer stuff going on. I probably won't be logging on all week, as I have a slew of offline games I need to finish, and I quite frankly wont have to worry about anything I kill in those hopping back up and screaming "U BROKE ROE UR A BAD RP IM TELLING UR GM!" or anything equally moronic. I'm hoping that given a week's break, I'll be able to get back to my usually tolerant self. And someone make sure to leave food in Ventryn's cell. I don't want to log back in to find him starved to death

Deep Forest Ranger
by Brutus, First Ranger -  Tuesday, 20 Feb 2001

Rangers it has been a while since I have had the privliage to announce this and it fills me with pride to do so once again. Let it be known that Edgar has completed his quest and now wears the cloak of the Deep Forest Ranger. Please take the oppertunity to congragulate this ranger on a job well done.

Note from Nathan: if you want to know more about Edgar's quest check out the following tales What about that bow I and What about that bow II. You can find them in the Tales section.

Shadowmoor under attack - Ventryn captured
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger-  Monday, 19 Feb 2001

The Shadows Rangers Gallery has been updated with ten screenshots of friday's events. The turnout was quite impressive, at one point I counted 50+ heads in the village! I wish I had someone in the other places taking shots. According to the reports, the Purple Guardians of Honor castle was assaulted by orcs, ettins and trolls while the Aegis glade got ice creatures. Not sure on the Covenant Manor. We sure got the attention of fire creatures. If someone has more shots of the event (even taken in places other than Shaodwmoor), please email them to me: I will gladly add them to the gallery.

Attack on Shadowmoor expected today!
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger -  Friday, 16 Feb 2001

As reported by Okami, we were informed that the evil wizard Artarion may launch a massive attack on Shadowmoor, Aeegis Glade and the other "crystal" places today (friday) at 7pm EST. This is a call to all the rangers and guards, druids and villagers! Take up your weapons for our village is in danger!

Defense of Yew
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger -  Monday, 12 Feb 2001

Just a quick report on yesterday's attack on Yew. Pirates (U.P. and Buc) and Legion of Dark Nation launched a large scale attack on Yew. Defending Yew: Serpents Knights, Knights of Yew, Shadow Rangers, Griffons. Also several independants(sorry but I can't remember if there was any other guild other than K*J who didn't interfere anyway). The enemy tried to take control of the winery roof while another rather large group tried to launch an attack from behind our lines (they moved in from the North-Western side of the abbey). Good battle overall. In the end the defenders won with little causalities. I believe that 99% of the attackers died (*mutters something about a damn fast Lady Vivian*). This battle once again showed us that Yew can defend itself well if there is good coordination and cooperation between the guilds. On a side note, I was impressed by the Order of Silver Serpent: they fought bravely for Yew. My respect goes to them and their leaders.

First Ranger
by Brutus, First Ranger -  Monday, 12 Feb 2001

Im sorry to say fellow rangers the rumors are true. Im the First Ranger agian!!! Yay! come on all rejoice. Im looking forward to this term Ive been away from it too long. Got some nice ideas ill be sharing with the council. This is gonna be the golden age of shadowmoor mark my words! For starters ill be watching out for you Iniates the next week or so. I want to have time to get to know each of you a bit better. Ok well thats all for now I have to get back to the council board theres alot of stuff there i need to catch up on. Its amazing just how much the elders do that we never even know aobut. Everyone thank an elder today!

Perigon no hard feelings I do hope we are still pals :)

Delucian Carnival
by Nathan Longbow, Elder Ranger -  Thursday, 8 Feb 2001

The Delucia folks are organizing a carnival festival on Saturday! The program is really interesting and I believe that we woodsmen can have some good fun there (I look forward for the Tippler's Tilt and Explosive Encounter events!). Here you find a link to the calendar of the events (scroll down the page a little to find it). We could gather at the moor and then head for Delucia togheter if there are enough people interested!



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