Rules of Engagement

The following are the rules of engagement on the Catskills shard. Failure to abide by these rules will result in the appropriate punishment as decided upon by the appropriate channels.

Druid and warrior fighting in the northern lands

The Shadow Rangers follow and agree with these rules. Any member of the Shadow Ranger must follow these ROE, or he will be banned from the guild. Please understand that these rules are relative to the engagements with the others Roleplaying guilds of the Shard.

  1. Anybody found in anothers territory without permission, shall be considered an interloper and a threat, and will be given fair warning. If the inteloper persists upon intruding, they may/will be attacked.
  2. When in combat, a combatant may submit. If this happens the fight MUST stop. It is NOT allowed to continue fighting if one has submitted. The submitted one is considered the loser and must leave the battlefield.
  3. There shall be NO looting. All items will be left for the deceased or his/her comrades to collect after the battle. If all members of a party are killed, then the items will be guarded or collected for the deceased (until their return) by the victors.
  4. Resurrected players in death robes will not be attacked, nor can they attack. They may, however collect their items from their bodies, and from the bodies of their comrades.

If these rules are broken once you shall be given a warning, do it twice and you will be removed from the Shadow Rangers guildstone.



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