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So, you are interested in joining the Shadow Rangers.

What you should know
Please make sure that you have read and agree with all of our rules and beliefs. Make sure you are willing to play a full roleplaying experience. We will roleplay all the time. No powergaming, no d00ds, no jerks. Plus, we are a good aligned guild. Aye we enjoy PvP (Player vs Player) combat but only against other roleplaying guilds and we will follow the Rules of Engagements always. If you don't agree with all this, please do not waste your and our time applying for membership, thanks.

How to join
If you still want to join, we strongly invite you to approach us In-Game, in a RPing fashion. Introduce yourself, hang around us for a bit, getting to know us and giving us the chance to know you. Eventually the guild will allow you to join one day or the other. Please keep in mind that joining our guild usually takes quite some time. Don't expect to become a Shadow Ranger initiate in few hours. Most likely it will take days, if not weeks. What we look for: mature players, roleplayers, people dedicated to the guild and to its theme. 

Who you should contact

Rangers and Villagers - Brutus, First Ranger
ICQ: 98750444 - email:

Druids - Darkwind, First Druid
ICQ: 33271608 - email: not available

Shadowmoor Guard - Okami, Guard Captain
ICQ: 54749260 - email:

Membership Cap
We also have a membership cap at the moment: 25 rangers, 10 druids, 10 guards. Craftmen, and other village people don't count toward the cap. Thus, if we are at the cap, your chances to be allowed in the guild are low, at least until someone quits. Why a membership cap? Because we believe that Quality is more important than Quantity. The land is full of 80+ members guilds with only a few really active characters. We seek fellowship between the members of the guild: members should know each other well. Also, we are a band of woodsmen, not an army of warriors!

Where to find us?
We live in a rangers village in the deep forest named Shadowmoor. Due to the North-East of the Yew Moongate, in a big clearing (Trammel facet). Usually there is someone in the tavern, in the guild hall or in one of the other buildings. We also spend our time in the Empath Abbey of Yew and, of course, in the woods and dungeons of Britannia. You can click on the image below for detailed informations on Shadowmoor.

Click here to see Shadowmoor

We look forward to meeting you soon in Britannia!



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