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Arwin.gif (43998 byte) Arwin
Elder Ranger

Arwin was born in Britain where he got raised by his father, Pheleor, and his mother, Sophia. When he reached the age of 20 he decided to leave his home and move to Vesper. Many adventuring was done by him those days and after a short period he visited his uncle Ylom in Moonglow where Ylom taught Arwin the basics of Alchemy. Arwin and his parents moved to Yew when Arwin came back from Moonglow. In the invasion of Yew by the Shadowclan Orcs Sophia was brutely murdered and Arwin decided to go on a pilgrimage in order to return Sophia back to life.
Nathan.gif (40924 byte) Nathan Longbow
Elder Ranger

Born in a little house in the forest near the village of Yew, he was the son of Janus the lumberjack and Angelica, a tailor well renowned all over the land. Since he was a child Nathan enjoyed spending his time in the forest with Janus, helping him and learning the art. Nathan soon began to travel alone, venturing more and more far and deep in the forest.  During one of his travels he met a lone and old man, Uncas the Druid. Uncas took the young Nathan under his wings and started teaching him about the importance of Nature, its secrets, beauties and dangers. From Uncas he learned many things... and many are yet to be learned.

First Ranger

Brutus was born on the island town called Jholem.  His family made a living as fishers.  They also dabbled in the Tailoring industry.  Brutus grew up hating his life.  He didn't like the islands.  He didn't enjoy fishing or sewing. He just never felt at home.  So when he was old enough,  he left,  to find his calling.  He sailed out of Jholem aboard a passenger ship bound for the great Capitol City of Brittan. Which proved to offer Brutus no solace either.  Once there he found that the huge city was just as bad as the croweded island.  Brutus couldn't figure it out.  He was unhappy on the island.  To many happy laid back people taking life easy in the sun.  He didnt like it in the city either.  Way too many people all crammed in together.  Awalys on the go.  The city never slept.  There were far too many noises and strange smells that Brutus felt almost sick. Then one day Brutus came across a poster put up on the wall in the inn he was staying at.  It seemed a rather wealthy nobleman was looking for safe passage to a town called Yew.  Brutus at this point was rather down on his luck and certainly needed the money. He fancied himself rather handy with the Crossbow and thought himself up to the task.  He tracked the man down. The noble named Harrison was pleased to find someone willing to travel to Yew.  When Brutus asked why, Harrison replied "the place is nothing but a dust bowl."  "'Tis hardly a town at all" said Harrison.  "Why are you going there?"  Asked Brutus.  "Well I'm to meet with some folks about some business that doesn't concern you" replied Harrison in his best holier than thou voice.  Brutus didn't like Harrison much.  But he needed the money and wanted to find a place where he would feel at home.  He doubted that Yew would be this place and for the most part he was right.  Brutus didn't fall in love with the town of Yew when he arrived there.  He found his home in the woods on the way to Yew.  The nights were the most pleasing times Brutus had ever had.  The glow of the campfire was so calming.  The silver moon above and the sky filled with stars filled his mind with wonder.  The dark woods around with the noise of the wood creatures surrounding him sounded like the most serene form of music Brutus had ever heard.  The days proved to be just as exciting. Brutus was amazed by how different the forest seemed. During the night it seemed almost magical.  The days held a hifferent thrill.  The thrill of the hunt. Brutus tracked and shot a deer the second day out.  Almost as if it were a natural instinct.  Hunting was to Brutus the most perfect form of sport he had ever come across. You might think Harrison was growing bored and impatient with all the discoveries Brutus was experiencing.  But as a matter of fact Brutus was navigating the land at a suprisingly fast rate.  It was hard for Harrison to belive that Brutus had never been in these woods before.  In no time at all the two arrived in Yew.  Harrison paid the money they had agreed upon.  He then asked would Brutus be available in a day or two to take him back.  Brutus declined saying he wouldn't be heading back to any city any time soon.  He turned and headed back into the woods.  Leaving Harrison stuck in the dust bowl,  which he hated so much.

Bitz.gif (44524 byte)

Veteran Ranger

Rourik the Ranger happened upon an orc encampment when huntin the outskirts of Yew one day.  The Orcs were all huddled over a small bundle. which was "cryin ?" Rourik attacked the Orcs, the orcs were suprised, "Its a humie Ranger!!! RUN!!, ferget that Litt'lbitz he be curzed anyhowz!" exclaimed the Orc boss as they fled.  Rourik took the young "litt'lbitz" (as the orcs called him) in and raised him as his own, teaching him the ways of the forest. After Rouriks death, Litt'lbitz wandered the world, searching, till now of course.  Because he is home

Roland.gif (44108 byte)

Veteran Ranger

A stranger from a land across the sea, Roland is a man in his early thirties. He does not speak much, but is very observant of the words and actions of others. He does not speak much of his past and appears to be troubled by great sorrow. Roland has few friends and cares little for wealth and fame.

Arilyn Ire'laire
Veteran Ranger

The young Elf Arilyn traveled to this land in desperation, her sister, whom she had adored her whole life, traveled here many years before in search of her destiny. Now, Arilyn seeks her own, through the death of her beloved sister Arilyn has found her true calling. Arilyn and her older sister, whose name was Evealana, talked and dreamed of adventure. They lived lives normal to Elven maids, sewing, gardening, gathering berries, nuts and roots... But Evealana and Arilyn dreamed for much more.... They wanted to see all that was to be seen, to move beyond what they were told they had to be, and become what they were meant to be. Now, Evealana was a bit older then her sister and soon set off into the wilds, at her family's dismay, to discover what was there beyond the horizon. Many years later an older Arilyn still waited for Evealana to return for her... but to no avail, soon it was learned that Evealana had passed on, under some very suspicious circumstances. Now, Arilyn, sister of Evealana, daughter of Gwyn and Solharis and the hope of an entire people ventures off into the wilds, just as her sister did so long ago, but this time, the seeker has more to look for then a destiny, she holds with her the power of her ancestors....  and the dreams that she and her sister had shared so long ago....

Deep Forest Ranger

I was born in minoc to a miner named Aybara.  I grew up in the shadow of my father but took an interest in the wonders of the forests and not the toils of the mines.  From a young age I had an inept ability to track anything in the forest and a genuine lust for the hunt.  As I grew older I developed a yearning to explore the world and a desire to protect the denizens of the forest.  I began to study the ways of the warrior as necessary to protect myself and found that I had a natural ability with the bow and sword.  This natural ability lead me to follow the ways of the Warrior and the Ranger.  I love the challenge of a good fight and yet at times desire only for the solitude and peacefulness of the deep forest.  I even served for a time as a scout with different mercenary units.  currently I roam the forests of the land in search of direction for my life.

Deep Forest Ranger

I have spent most of my time in the area between Minoc and Vesper. As I venture forth, I seek those in need of assistance, helping when possible. However, due to the nature of the majority of dishonorable characters in this area, I have relocated to Yew.  I have spent time there previously, but now am in the proces of re-acclimating myself with the area

Deep Forest Ranger

Aeeyia was born in the healers of Minoc where her mother died while giving birth. Her father Dean, a guard of Minoc, raised her alone. At 18 her father found a suitable husband for her and attempted to marry her off. Aeeyia ran away from her father and home, not wanting to be married. She quickly learned to defend herself and is now seeking knowledge of the world.

Guard Captain

Okami's Personal Scroll

Okami was born in a house a few miles outside of Cove. His mother was a tailor, and his father made his living by adventuring into Covetous dungeon. Okami never showed as much proficiency with the blade as he did the needle, much to his father's chagrin. However, 10 years ago, when Okami was only 6, he returned from a trip to find his home burned down, and a strange altar inside. His mother,father, and sister were presumed dead. Okami knows more about what happened, but he is reluctant to share this information with anyone. But it has been noticed that he has become zealous in his sword training.

Elrick Strongbow
Deep Forest Ranger

I was born in a distant land from Sosaria, on a forgotten continent. My father, Alarick Strongbow, a human, had maried an elven maiden. From that union, I was born, Elric Strongbow, a half-elf. My family there held a small territory composed mainly of woodlands. There, a strong evil rose and many wars were waged upon it. The many families and clans had to unite in order to fight this dreaded evil. Alas, at the end, the few remains of my family had to escape to avoid destruction. This evil was just too powerfull to be crushed. My father staided behind to slow down this evil force... But as we left our home lands, the evil cursed our family and vowed to lay destruction and death on our family. In our escape, we had brought a family artefact, a strange mystic blade. The evil had seemed drawned to it, for no apparent reasons. Fleeing this dark curse, we sweared to avenge ourselves one day and defeat this evil. I lived near Britannia for a while but, missing the woods, i headed for Yew. There I thought that, at last, I would find peace. I travelled the woods and met Ruden and his rangers. I finally joined them to fight the evil that was about to overcome Yew's peacefull lands. I had a son, named Vanheil Maegloth and, fearing that the evil would find him, i took him to the Velts so that they might take care of him for a while. Alas, I was wrong and the evil eventually found us along with our family's blade. He took my son's soul captive and I set up for a quest, knowing that i would probably never Yew's woods again. Before leaving, I left Vanheil's immobile body to the care of the Rangers of the Heart. Picking up the sword my family had proudly carried from generations to generations, I set up to face this evil being. After a harsh fight, I managed to drive away the evil but a the cost of my life energy. I was stuck into a void for a very long time, having no hope of ever comming back to Sosaria and knowing that the evil would be back, that it had only been driven away by my vain attempts to destroy it. Eventually, I managed to escape from this void and return to Sosaria's lands. Only to remember that my son's soul had been lost in the fight along with the blade that had been the cost to pay to ban this monstruosity. I also found out that the RoH had nearly been disbanded, that there were nearly no members left. Having nothing left, I took an oth to protect those lands, the only thing that I had left, hoping that, in protecting those woods, I might save what was left of my honor...

Perigon Golan
Deep Forest Ranger

I am Perigon Golan, elven ranger. I was born at a rather bad time, outside Yew near a river. My parents were going to Vesper to visit someone, my Grandfather was comeing along, and my mother was on a covered wagon my father had created. My mother went into labor on that wagon while going to Vesper. Shortly after I was born,( 5 minutes or less after I was out), some orcs attacked. My father and grandfather fought, and fought, but there were too many and my mother made a small raft of branchs and such things, and sent me down a river into the ocean for my own safety. I wound up washing upon a desert island one day later. A castaway pirate named Captain Robert Gungan found me, and raised me. He told me what he knew of the elven culture, but unfortunetly he did not know the language, thats why you never hear me speaking it. About 90 years later, Gungan as I called him lived a very long life, but he was dieing. He had contructed a small raft, and since he allways liked it on the island he nevr used it, well after he died, I had to leave no one around it was almsot unbarably lonely. So, I got on the raft, not knowing my past, and I sailed off into what seemed like an endless plain of water. After a few days I hit the coast of Yew. There a meet an old man, old even for an elf. He was close to death they were celebrating his life at Empath Abbey. Well he saw me, and saw that I was an elf. He told me to come closer and that he had something to give me. He gave me a bow. And asked what my name was. I said it was Perigon, but I did not know my last name for I never knew my parents. He asked why not, I said that I washed up on an island 90 years ago, and I was raised by a captain whos ship had sunken. He looked at me, and recognized a birth mark on my hand in the shape of an arrow. He said, " Oh my!!! I am on my death bed and I have finally meet my grandson!, he then went on to tell me the story of my parents and the attack, it turned out that he was knocked unconcious, and when he awoke he found my parents ripped apart.

Deep Forest Ranger

Edgar's Personal Scroll

There are parts of his past that Edgar guards fiercely, and considers them to between him and those involved. Edgar's father was a mage, but lived in Yew as a shepard. Edgar lived with his father and younger brother, Sabin. Edgar's mother died while giving birth to his younger brother. The brothers had a comfortable childhood, playing among the trees of the deep woods, swimming in the nearby streams, and helping their father tend to his herd of sheep. One night, a band of orcs destroyed Edgar's house while on their way to raid Yew. His father was killed in the process. After the guards had repelled this band, Edgar and his younger brother went to the abbey seeking a mentor. Sabin went with an animal tamer to Papua. Edgar has heard little about his younger brother since. Edgar found a fellow named Conan, who took him to Vesper, where many things happened that Edgar would rather not speak about. Edgar took to the north woods of Vesper where he learned to chop wood to make bows and arrows. Edgar enjoyed this trade and decided to return to his birth city to become a woodsman. He met there a band of rangers dedicated to the protection of the deep forest, known as the Shadow Rangers.. Edgar knew at last he had found where he truly belonged. Edgar set up a tavern, which he later turned into a meeting-hall /sanctuary, called Wisp Lodge. It is mainly managed now by Edgar's good friend Toby

Lyim Rashidat
Ranger Initiate

Borne in a village near Minoc, I learned early on how to handle myself in combat from the local militia. One night, trolls and ogres raided our small village, I was hit hard and covered by debris. When I awoke, I found my home azed and my parents missing. I have sought after them ever since. Not to mention seeking vengence against the ones who destroyed my home...
Gregor McCloud
Ranger Initiate

I am a woodsman threw and threw. I love the sound of the birds chirping and the smells of the night air. There is nothing like the night as the wind blows threw the trees and counting the stars from the warmth of a good campfire. I was taught by my father to care for each and every living creature that walked in the deep woods. I raised on the firm beliefs to protect the woods and the woods would give you safety and shelter from evil. I have devoted all my life to serving the people and countlessly wandering the lands of Yew protecting the innocent from the evil that sadly awaits lost or wandering common folk. I am a Ranger !
Ranger Initiate

Kaladen was born in the forests near Yew.  His father, Malthor, was primarly a farmer although he liked to tinker with things.  His mother, Cyndra, gave up the solitary life of a druid to be with her husband and family.  She agreed to hide her ablilites from her children.  However when Kaladen beagn to disapear into the forests for days, which would make his father very angry for not doing his chores, his mother began to show him the ways of the forest.  She never revealed the secret of her magic though. Kaladen had three brothers, Kromwell the warrior, Galdor the Bard and Mordwin the Mage.  Mordwin, the youngest, had descovered his mothers secret and began to study magic, unknown to his mother or father.  Krmowell soon left for Trinsic, Galdor for Britain and Mordwin for Moonglow.  Only Kaladen stayed near Yew, but he rarley was home, often staying in the forests for months.  It was during a trip to Vesper with his father that the orcs, who had discovered his mothers secxret,  burned the farm killing his mo ther.  This devasted the family, after whihc thier father revealed the secret thier mother had kept.  Kaladen stayed in Vesper for awhile, training in the ways of a Ranger, however his home in Yew soon called and he returned.  His father remained in Minoc and began life again as a craftsman.
Deep Forest Druid

Very little is known about Stilgar's past. The rangers met him "accidentaly" when they were out in one of their quests, and he helped them in several occasions. In one of these, it became evident that Stilgar is one of the very few persons allowed to visit Uncas' hideout in the deep forest. He seeks knoweledge: the lore, the legends, the geography, the ancient history are the core of his research. He is rumored to be in posses of one of the largest collection of books in the land, even larger than Lord British's renowned library. 




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